Favorite Blogs

I use feedly to subscribe to around 100 RSS feeds which generates around 400 messages a day. I scan the subject lines, open those that look interesting, and save in Evernote those that I might want to reference at a later time. In the past I also use Flipboard which allowed me to combine RSS feeds with twitter and other social media streams. Flipboard’s UI is great for browsing, but was frustrated that it didn’t track what I had seen already.

Great and Infrequent

I find each of these authors thoughtful and well worth the time to read their relatively long posts.

  • Wait but Why?
  • Paul Graham
  • Mark Manson

Pulse of things

  • Furturity.org News releases from research oriented universities. Sort of a light version of eureka alert
  • Slashdot: The original hacker news site

Particularly Appreciate

  • Study Hacks by Cal Newport, one of the advocate for Deep Thinkings
  • Cool Tools: Kevin Kelly and friends. Sort of a weekly dose of the the Whole Earth Catalog.
  • All Things Distributed: Warner Vogels’ (CTO of AWS) musing about technology and computer science
  • Irrational Exuberance: Will Larson’s musing about leading engineering organizations
  • Many of the podcasts I listen have associated blogs which I follow
  • DCRainmaker: Covers in amazing detail technology related to triathlon sports: swimming, running, cycling. I don’t think I have ever disagreed with a assessment made by Ray. If I need to replace or purchase gear that Ray writes about I just read his recommendation and purchase. No additional research required.

Past Loves (But No More)

  • Lifehacker: Too many ads both , have to switch from my RSS reader to the website to read the full content
  • Becoming Minimalist and other blogs about Minimalist. Seems to rehash the same material over and over. Great when getting started, but once you have internalized simplicity / minimalist / etc not that helpful.

My complete reading list as a feedly opml file

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