This is my personal website. So who is Mark Verber? I am a husband, father, son, and brother to my family. I am a Christian who strives to embrace love, justice, mercy and humility. I think society can be best judged by how it treats those with the least power. I want to make a difference, and leave the world in better shape than how I found it. I believe that the world is complex with many inter-connections which means that small changes can often make a huge impact. I am a systems thinker. I value the clarity that simplicity brings to design and life.

I strive to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, I spending as much time as I can outdoors. I enjoy traveling, reading, and am a bit of an audiophile. I am often driven by my curiosity and love learning.

I have spent most of my career in what is called SRE or DevSecOps: the intersection of engineering, IT, security, program management, with a dash of research. When I started my career we simple called it systems programming. I build systems which have “good bones” where the initial architecture is able to adapt to changing requirements while still providing relevant guidance. I build effective, reliable secure systems ¬†without generating excessive technical debt or placing a burden on the team that operates them. I am most proud of the team we built at Tellme, and the voice application service which I co-architected with Brad Porter. In less that a year we built a system which achieve 99.995% serviceability and continued to achieve this for >15 years guided by the same architecture while numerous technologies changed and traffic growing three orders of magnitude.

I am a servant leader: I have a relational approach focused on pragmatic execution in the context of strategic objectives. I empower not micro-manage, persuade rather than dictate. I focus on helping others grow in their capabilities, sometimes becoming the very best practitioner, or starting their own companies. If you want to know more about my professional experience see my LinkedIn profile or ask for a current resume which has details I didn’t bother putting on Linkedin.

This website which was started in 1990 and continued to be hand edited HTML until 2018 when I decided to modernize by converting to WordPress.  Some of my “new” posts are really old content that is finally being updated. I sometimes tweet things I find interesting.