Favorite Podcasts


The following are set to automatically get downloaded and put at the beginning of my listening queue:

  • Up First: 15 minutes of news Monday-Saturday from NPR. Gives me a sense of what’s happening in the world without spending hours doom scrolling.
  • Tim Ferris: Tim is a great interviewer with a wide range of interesting people. Most shows are around 2 hours, exploring the guest’s life and unique contributions. The earliest shows were about being successful / productive but Ferris has grown and looks at life through a broader lens. I find myself going to the episode notes to explore resources mentioned on each show.
  • The Drive by Dr Peter Attia about extending health span. Peter talks about training for the “Centenarian Olympics“, e.g. being a healthy and active life at 100. Touches on medicine, nutrition, and exercise. Most shows go fairly deep into the underlying science.
  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish. Focus on analysis, decision making, and model based thinking. Interviews with innovative thinkers and doers from business and government.
  • Freakonomics is the podcast/radio show that continues the original book themes. Looks at social/economic issues through a behavioral economics lens. Their tagline is “The Hidden Side of Everything”.
  • The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam examines factors which drive human behavior.
  • Renovare Podcast by Nathan Foster. Topics related to spiritual growth.
  • How to Build a Happy Life by the Atlantic. Original episodes by Arthur Brooks.
  • Good Life Project
  • Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Horrible and Wonderful


The following are podcasts that I am current enjoying. I automatically download them my phone to the end of my queue.

  • Planet Money
  • Work Life by Adam Grant. Grant is a organizational psychologist who studies what makes organizational function well. There tag line is “explore the science of making work not suck”.

Past Recommendations

The following are podcast that I used to listen to every episode, but now sample episodes which seems particularly interesting. I have learned that most of us go through “seasons of life” which changes what we give attention to.

  • TED Radio Hour is a curated sampling of TED talks arranged around a common theme. I particularly enjoyed the earliest shows hosted by Guy Raz.
  • Timothy Keller sermons. For several years my soul was nurtured by Tim’s thoughtful sermons but I am not finding them as helpful.
  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross
  • NPR Marketplace used to seem very neutral but now starting to feel like there is a moderate liberal bias.

Check Out?

The following are podcasts that someone has recommended to me that I haven’t made time to check out yet.

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