Favorite Podcasts


The following are set to automatically get downloaded and put at the beginning of my listening queue:

  • Up First: 15 minutes of news Monday-Saturday from NPR. Gives me a sense of what’s happening in the world without spending hours doom scrolling.
  • Tim Ferris: Tim is a great interviewer with a wide range of interesting people. Most shows are around 2 hours, exploring the guest’s life and unique contributions. The earliest shows were about being successful / productive but Ferris has grown and looks at life through a broader lens. I find myself going to the episode notes to explore resources mentioned on each show.
  • The Drive by Dr Peter Attia about extending health span. Peter talks about training for the “Centenarian Olympics“, e.g. being a healthy and active life at 100. Touches on medicine, nutrition, and exercise. Most shows go fairly deep into the underlying science.
  • Freakonomics is the podcast/radio show that continues the original book themes. Looks at social/economic issues through a behavioral economics lens. Their tagline is “The Hidden Side of Everything”.
  • The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam examines factors which drive human behavior
  • My Unsung Hero from Hidden Brain.
  • Renovare Podcast by Nathan Foster. Topics related to spiritual growth.
  • Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Horrible and Wonderful


The following are podcasts that I am current enjoying. I automatically download them my phone to the end of my queue.

  • Planet Money
  • Work Life by Adam Grant. Grant is a organizational psychologist who studies what makes organizational function well. There tag line is “explore the science of making work not suck”.
  • How to Build a Happy Life by the Atlantic. Original episodes by Arthur Brooks I thought were the best.
  • Good Life Project
  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish. Focus on analysis, decision making, and model based thinking. Interviews with innovative thinkers and doers from business and government.

Past Recommendations

The following are podcast that I used to listen to every episode, but now sample episodes which seems particularly interesting. I have learned that most of us go through “seasons of life” which changes what we give attention to.

  • TED Radio Hour is a curated sampling of TED talks arranged around a common theme. I particularly enjoyed the earliest shows hosted by Guy Raz.
  • Timothy Keller sermons. For several years my soul was nurtured by Tim’s thoughtful sermons but I am not finding them as helpful.
  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross
  • NPR Marketplace used to seem very neutral but now starting to feel like there is a moderate liberal bias.

Check Out?

The following are podcasts that someone has recommended to me that I haven’t made time to check out yet.

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