My blog posts tend to be released after I have considered a topic for an extended period of time. I am also a very slow writer. As a result, posts tend to lag what I am currently thinking about. This page is updated with ideas that I am actively considering

Camino de Santiago

  • Preparing heart for a pilgrimage
  • Practical issues: figuring out our agenda
  • Can I walk 15 miles / day in Luna sandals without blister?

Love: at the heart of everything that is good

  • Nature of love: How it’s an infinite resource which grows as it is shared
  • How love shapes ethics: Greatest Commandment: Love God, Love Neighbor.
  • How to love your neighbor: Further my “samaritan experiment” mentioned in Relational Openness and Delightful Surprises
  • Why churches seem to forget to love in spite of it being the greatest commandment and the basis that the world should judge our faith? How to fix this. The Mark of a Christian by Francis Schaeffer.
  • How religion has been weaponized as a way to separate rather than the Biblical call to see justice and call for all. Writings of Miroslav Volf.
  • Building a vital community


  • We often fall to tell people how much they mean to us. Rather than waiting til the last moments of their lives, or a memorial service (Libby, Dad, Doug) take time now to share how much they are appreciated and why.

Centenarian Olympics (inspired by Peter Attia)

  • Identifying my targets
  • Develop body weight only strength program
  • Build build stability, start with Tai Chi?

Structured Learning


  • After using Evernote since 2009 with thousands on notes I have finally given up on it. In the last several years I find Evernote has gotten slower and less reliable. It’s time to find a new system. Thought it might be OneNote, but ended up in Bear because tagging is better, good export capabilities (won’t be trapped), the UI is better, more natural to use on Apple products, and end2end encryption. I will later investigate obsidian.