Weight of Glory

Weight of Glory is a sermon delivered by C.S. Lewis  in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford. The sermon was first published in THEOLOGY, November, 1941, and by the S.P.C.K, 1942. This and several other pieces by Lewis were combined in the book also called The Weight of Glory. There is free audio version of the book preserved by the Internet Archive.

I posted a PDF transcript of Weight of Glory in 1988 because it had a significant impact on my faith and life. After many years I received a very polite “Take Down” notice from the copyright holder. I learned that while the copyright had expired in a number of countries, the copyright was still in effect in the USA?! I removed my copy. I will bring it back once the copyright expires in the USA.

In the mean time, people in Canada and other locations that have a 50 year limit on copyright you can find the Weight of Glory contained in the freely available in the e-book Transpositions and other Addresses.

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