There are many reasons to travel. Some people travel to get new experiences. Others to re-enforce in there minds that wherever you go, people are the same. Travel can be an expanding experience. It’s also possible to travel in a little “cocoon” which doesn’t move you out of your comfort zone and is merely entertainment. I appreciated the article 20 things I learned from travelling the world by gary arndt


These days, especially if you have a smart phone, you can get away with amazingly small amount of planning. I have done trips which were planned as I went, but generally I like to do a bit of planning before I go.



I am of the “one bag” mindset. That is minimize what you bring so everything can fit in a single, carry-on size bag to maximize your freedom.

Other Concerns

Sharing Economy & Community

Low Cost Travel, Nomadic Life

Tickets and Transport

Hotels and Inns


Misc Travel Info

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