Last hours for Libby?

Gaye, our primary hospice nurse stopped by today, even though it’s her day off. She believes that Libby is in her last hours based breathing patterns and several other indicators. We have been jumping between being unspeakable sad, in a numb disbelief, and brief periods of joy as we remember together what a blessing Libby has been to us all an look forward to her struggle to end with her in Jesus’ caring arms. We had a particularly nice bit of time with Gay, Janice, and Jon & Charina as Helen and I shared the story of the 5 bears.
Last night was very tough because Libby was having some trouble breathing and was coughing through the night. Some additional medicine and a repositioning seems to have made her more comfortable. Libby seems to be without pain for which we are very thankful.We appreciate your prayers.


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