Hmm… what to say about Columbus?  It’s flat.  The cost of living is reasonable.  It’s isn’t as backward as it used to be.  It’s the worlds largest cow town and a good place to live but a so/so place to visit.  I lived in Columbus for thirty years.  What I miss the most about Columbus are my friends and family who still live there.

General References

Things To Do

  • COSI: Good science and technology museum
  • Columbus Zoo: Even growing with a number of good exhibits.  They have a very good breeding program.
  • Wexner Center: Small but interesting cutting edge art exhibits.
  • Ohio Historical Center & Ohio Village
  • Ohio State Fair in August
  • Franklin Park Conservatory
  • Drive down to the Hocking Hills (Old Man’s Cave) in the fall to see the foliage turn colors.
  • Walk around German Village and the Short North for food and small galleries
  • Go to church.  Seriously. There are two remarkable Biblically based churches in Columbus.  Both have extensive home fellowship, superior teaching, great educational programs, opportunities to service in a variety of capacities, and excellent children programs. Xenos Christian Fellowship  and Vineyard Church of Columbus


Not a food Mecca. In the 1980s there were only a four of restaurants I considered good, but over the years restaurants have gotten better.  Some places I like

  • Ice Cream: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Columbus, OH. The best ice cream I have had. Interesting flavors. They have has some issues with their production. Grater’s Ice Cream, what happens when a chocolate maker and ice cream maker join forces. Other ice cream worth a try: Handels, Johnson’s Real Ice Cream, Whit’s Frozen Custard. Knights Ice Cream used to be good… haven’t been there in years so no idea how they are now. OSU Dairy Program used to do good ice cream but that was closed 🙁
  • The Refectory: The best French restaurant in Columbus… but it doesn’t compare to great restaurants in Paris, NYC, SF Bay areas, DC, etc.  Has a pretty good wine list.  Sometimes great service, but sometimes they are to pretentious.  
  • Lindey’s: Well executed traditional American cuisine.
  • Handke’s:  Suppose to be excellent. Haven’t had a chance to eat there yet.
  • Sidecar: Tapas in what feels like a small, neighbor place on the edge of downtown.
  • Barcelona: Tapas.
  • South Village Grille
  • Gastropubs: The Pearl, The Crest, Sycamore
  • The Light of Seven Matchsticks, Worthington, OH.
  • Bexley’s Monk: Constantly well executed Eclectic/American cuisine.
  • Cameron Mitchell’s empire. Ok food. Honestly, I don’t think their food is better that the high end chains like Cheesecake factory but locals seem to hold them in high regard.
  • Mozart’s: nice European bakery but have heard they have gone downhill a bit.
  • My Big Fat Greek Cuisine: The best Greek restaurant in columbus which is saying something given that many of the restaurants are owned by greek families.
  • Schmidt’s Sausage Haus: German sausage. The spicy Bahamas Mamas are a local speciality.
  • Donatos: thin, basic, but tasty pizza
  • Tommy’s Pizza: good sub
  • pistacia vera: French style macaroons

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