Traveling Begins

For the next 2-3 years we will be traveling. partially to explore the world, partially to determine where we will spend the next season of our lives. We decided not to sell our home in Mountain View, but to rent it out given the high rent and that it seems like a good investment to hold on to. We are living out of 1-2 bags, and Jackie has some capsule wardrobes that are stored in a location we can periodically access.

Traveling actually started a couple of years ago. A bit after COVID hit we traveled to Portland to investigate the possibility of buying an investment property, and maybe relocate there. Since then we have spent time in several cities, purchased some property in Santa Rosa, I retired, and our youngest got her own apartment. For the next two to three years we are fully embracing a semi-nomadic existence as we figure out where our home based will be for the next season of life. Our first stop is Santa Cruz for December. Close enough to support our youngest as she is figuring things out, far enough that she won’t feel crowded, and we get to experience living in Santa Cruz rather than just visiting for a day. We are traveling heavy as we finish consolidating life in preparation of spending significant time out of the country.

Jackie’s bags, shoes, and shark fin melon on the left, food we needed to clear out of the house, Mark’s two bags, chilipad, and our scale.

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