Low Cost Two Season Ultra-Light Backpacking Gear List
Total Cost Assuming $380.30 The following is an example gear list which would keep most people comfortable with night time lows down to 30F and is appropriate for moderate weather.  Food for two night, three day trip + water assuming good water sources along the way.  Beginners facing extended storms should suppliment the poncho/tarp with a light-weight bivy sack, or switch to a larger tarp or small tent.  Couples combine their poncho or switch to a larger tarp + seperate rain gear, and may want to use a double wide quilt.  The first upgrades I would do would be replace the foam pad with a pacific outdoor max-thermo pad (much more comfortable... getting a good night sleep is important), and switching from fleece to a polarguard or primaloft jacket (GoLite insulated jackets can sometimes be found for around $40 at northernmountain.com)
Some simple homemake items 0
Reasonable assumption of items already owned 1
Doesn't Like Ponchos 1
"Base" Weight (lbs) 11.0
Food&Water 6.9
Total Pack 18.0
Worn 3.5
Skin Out Weight 21.5
Item Description Weight Cost Comments
Clothing Worn and Items Carried
Coolmax Long Sleeve Shirt 6 10 Can typically be found at campmor.com or northernmountain.com (or a Supplex shirt)
Running Shorts with built in brief 6 0 You already own… if not pick up at Target, Walmart, etc.  Or long supplex pants + non cotton briefs (11oz, >$40 at STP)
Light weight (non cotton) socks 1.4 8 You already own… if not, I really like Wright Double Socks
Running Shoes 35 0 You already own… if not, look for some trail runners on close out at sierratradingpost.com
Sun Hat 3 0 You already own… if not find something on sale, STP, or a thrift store
Map in Ziplock bag 1 0.2 Color copy at kinkos
Small Compass 1 10
Small pocket knife 2 0 You already own… you just need one sharp blade.  Should be small
Emergency whistle worn on lanyard 0.3 3
Extra Clothing Packed
Fleece Jacket 19 0 You already own… if not, pick up at Target, Walmart, etc
Unlined Windbreaker 9 0 You already own… if not, get a technical windshirt (3oz) on sale
Warm, Wool Sleeping Socks 3 9 Check for sales.  Doubles as gloves in morning.
Spare pair of non cotton socks 1.4 8 You already own… if not, I really like Wright Double Socks
Mid-Weight Base Layer Tights 7 12 Campmor or STP
Fleece or Wool Cap 1.4 0 You already own… if not, check any thrift store
Sil-nylon clothing stuff sack 0.5 10
Pack - Shelter - Sleeping
Granite Gear Vigra 28 89 Other good choices include Osprey Ather 45, GoLite Jam
3/4 length foam pad 8 8 Any outdoor store.  If you can't sleep well on this, upgrade
DriDucks Rain Suit 11 16
3mil Plastic Tarp 11 8
Tyvek Ground Cloth 5 8 "Make" by asking for scrape at construction site, otherwise order online
Six (6) light weight stakes (.5oz each) 3 10 Many options which are this price/weight (or better).  Can be homemade
Guylines  2 3 REI or almost any camping store
Emergency "space bag" / bivy 3 6 If facing serious rain, condensation better than getting soaked
Mylar Turkey Bag 0.5 0 Keep your sleeping bag dry
Campmor 20F Sleeping Bag 34 99 Really more like a 35F bag but ok with clothing… or home made quilt
Pepsi stove & pot support 0.5 12 antigravitygear.com
windscreen 0.2 0.1 make out of foil, or use what comes with the antigravity stove
Appropriate sized plastic bottle 1 0 small bottle for short trips, Mtn Dew Soda bottle for week+ long trips.
Box of wooden matches in Ziploc (0.3 oz) 0.3 0 You already own… else stop at a good bar and get some
3 cup hard anodized pot & lifter 5.2 15 From antigravitygear.com
Lexan fork and spoon 0.4 2 Any outdoor store
Food bag and hanging rope 4 10
2 1L Plastic Pop Bottles 4 0
Aqua Mira repackaged in dropper bottles 1.1 10 Ordered from thru-hiker.com or backpackinglight.com
Small LED Flashlight 1 6
Outdoor Research Spring Headnet 2 8 can wear during the day and at night to keep bugs off your face.
Suntan repackaged 2 0 You already own… else any drugstore
Sunglasses (0.5 oz) 0.5 0 You already own
Toothbrush 1 0 You already own
Small Toothpaste 1 0 You already own
Alcohol hand gel in small bottle 0.5 0 You already own
TP 1 0 You already own
Blister & minor wound care supplies 3 0 You already own.. Or I will help you assemble
Large ziplock back for these items 1 0 You already own
Consume zone bars, lunch, couscous&meat, chocolate bar
Daily Food 48
Alcohol in Bottle 3 2
2 Litters of Water in Soda Bottles 60