History of My "Goto" Gear

Part of Mark Verber's The Great Outdoors Pages

Thought it would be interesting to see how my primary items have changed over time:  I am ignoring items that were used briefly or for testing purpose, items owned by others but regularly borrowed. Just the items that I was settled on for more than one season. Typically I sold the older item when the new item proved itself.. though sometimes I kept more than one so we had something to loan out.

Packs (something like 18 packs tested... never became go-to but used the SMD StarLite & Comet, GG Whisper a fair bit)

Sleeping Bags

Large and/or Winter Shelter - a number of other shelters tested or borrowed.

Shelter for 2 - or 1 in nasty conditions

Shelters - Solo

Stove - Winter

Stoves - Summer


Pot (some experimenting with small pots and Mug over the years)