Gear Check Lists

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The website provides a social gear list service that makes it easy to build and share gear lists.

Traditional Lists

My Basic Gear Check List for Others

REI Overnight checklist

Light / Ultralight Samples gear list competition Gear Checklists

Backpacking.NET Gear Lists

Notable Light / Ultralight Personal Lists

SGT Rock

Alan Dixon

Ultralight vs. Lightweight Backpacking List (Ryan's from

Carol Wellman (aka Brawny's 2002 AT)

Check out lists from people's journals at Trailjournals.  No everyone put a full gear list up.

My Lists

Mark's Three Season Gear List: This is the list I used on most trips. It is designed to maximize my comfort while simplifying the choices I need to make. Most of the items listed live in my backpack or a large cotton storage bag... ready to go. This list covers conditions that are warmer than 20F without major snow.

My older gear lists wre maintained  in Excel but written out as HTML.  So you can view the results with a web browser, but if you open the file in Excel you can set parameters at the top of the document which effect the contents on the list.

Mark's Super Ultra Light Gear List: No longer current. This is list I use on my last light and fast trip over a long weekend. My goal was to go as light as possible.

Mark's Full Gear List (2010?): My master list which has everything I own and might take into the back country.  Set parameters and it will tell me what I should take based on past trips. This was at the peak of my gear testing. Own a lot less gear now that i figure out what works for me and mostly not doing snow trips.

Mark's Heavy Weight -vs- Light Weight list: How I went from a 41+lb base weight to 11lbs (or in many cases less)