Hints for Building & Operating High Quality Services

   Mark Verber

Early Draft, Version 0.15 -- October 1, 2006

The following is very, very rough draft. Many of the sections are cut & pasted from notes I made for myself in 1998-1999 while working with folks from Microsoft Research on their Mega Services paper, co-architecting the Tellme service. These notes are fregmented and incomplete. Someday I will pull them together into something that would be useful to others, not just remind me of things I have considered.

Studying the architecture, design, implementation, and operations of a number of complex services has led me to some generalizations about design principles, architectural elements, operational processes, and organization structures which lead to the successful deploy quality services. The generalizations found in this document are based on the author's experience with a range of mission critical services for more than twenty five years, as well as interviews and papers about other complex services.


A Good Foundation

Tackle Tough Manageability Issues

Build Operational Infrastructure

Develop Good Practices



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