Why People Leave their Jobs

The The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, Leigh Branham suggests that while most managers think their employees switch jobs for better pay, that better pay is rarely the primary reason people switch jobs. Most people want to feel Trust, Hope, Worth, Competent. When they have trouble finding these things, they will often seek new opportunities. The seven reasons listed in the book are:

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Bear Bags

Backpackers have to protect their food against animals while they sleep.  In most parts of the country correctly hanging food in a bear bags can be effective. Unfortunately bags won’t protect your food in locations with habituated bears whose response to backpackers is “Great, I get another treat filled … “Bear Bags”

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Everyone has a personal faith. Some people place their faith in traditional religions while others collect ideas from various sources and create a unique, personal faith. Sometimes people put their faith in social or political movements. Still others place their faith in progress or technology, that is the future. Not everyone has a well thought out faith, not everyone recognizes what their faith is, but everyone lives by some sort of faith.

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