Mark A. Verber

Summary Vita

I am a technologist with extensive business expertise. I am comfortable doing a ground up design of a new service or pitching ROI to CxO. I have a rare combination of technology understanding, business focus, and communication capabilities allows me to work with a broad range of people across organizations.

I enjoy creation: organizations, products, and services. I am able to see from the customers' perspectives, to communicate with and translate between business people and technology experts. I ship the right products, deploy the right services, and help the team enjoy the process. I am skilled at estimated schedules. I have experience managing complex projects through their entire life-cycle and know how and when to apply quality management and improvement processes.

I love people. I am an effective coach and mentor. I am a peacemaker and highly effective and forging consensus among parties with very different perspectives. I have built high performance team for twenty years where the results exceed expectations set by individual capabilities.

I am a systems thinker and have keen insight into inter-relationships in complex systems. My systems perspective effects everything I do, from the architecting of complex services to how to build teams of people. I have a solid track record of building useful services which are significantly less expensive than what is suggested by current "best practices". In a period of less than three years I build from scratch a service which delivered 99.995% availability which was constructed out of cheap commodity parts.

I am technology savvy and have a practitioner's knowledge. I have twenty years of experience programming for a wide variety of platforms using numerous programming languages including POSIX, Win32, Macintosh OS version 1-8, BSD-style sockets, Sun RPC, ILU, and DCE 1.0 RPC. I have considerable experience dealing with large scale enterprise issues. I am very aware of security issues, having been responsible for security initiative for the last fifteen years designing and implementing network firewalls using both packet filtering and protocol specific proxies; securing UNIX bastion hosts; deploying cryptographically strong systems including Kerberos, token cards, micro payment services, and VPNs.

Work Experience

07/11 to 01/12; Sr. Director Data & Architecture, SimplyHired

12/08 to 06/11; Director of Information Technology, Stanford University School of Engineering (SOE)

11/05 to 9/08; Director of Operations, Metaweb Technologies (now Google)

11/99 to 7/05; Sr. Director & Architect, Tellme Networks (now Microsoft)

8/97 to 11/99; Security Architect & Program Manager; WebTV (now Microsoft)

3/92 to 8/97; Senior Staff Systems Design Engineer; Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

3/89 to 4/92; System Programmer III; Physics Department, The Ohio State University

8/84 to 3/89; System Programmer II; Computer Science Department, OSU

8/83 to 8/84; Systems Analyst I; Office of Learning Resources, OSU

3/81 to 8/83; System Programmer I; Laboratory for DataBase Systems Research, OSU

6/80 to 4/81; System Administrator  / Programmer; IRCC/CIS Computing Laboratory, OSU


Professional Activities