Palm Springs, Palm Desert, 29 Palms, Joshua Tree

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Just got back from trip.  This page should be finished by the end of Jan 2005.


Aerial Tram: A beautiful (if expensive) ride 6000ft up the mountains just outside Palm Springs.  You should expect the weather to be around 30F less than the valley floor.  During the winter you can play in the snow.  During the summer escape from stiffing heat.  Bring your own food.  Their restaurant is very over-priced and bad (worse than most zoo food).  One exception is their hot chocolate is pretty good (but $2.50 a cup).

Joshua Tree National Park: See the separate section on Joshua Tree below

Living Desert: Palm Desert: Zoo and Botanical garden featuring plants and animal from the local and more distant deserts

Palm Springs Air Museum:

Palm Springs Museum: Pass.


Jovanna's Bistro: Chef owned and run bistro.  Good food.  Friendly atmosphere which is a relief from the general snootiness of Palm Springs / Desert higher end eateries. You should try the fun crispy spinach appetizer. CLOSED :(

Haleiwa Joe's: Best Hawaiian fish I have had outside Hawaii (out Roy's Roy's). Young wait staff leads to a casual feel.  Interesting building.  Desert's are huge, split one. CLOSED in Palm Springs

Kaiser Grille:

St James @ Vineyard: Snooty, child unfriendly. The food is suppose to be good, but they offended me when make reservations so we didn't go.

Tommy Bahama's: Fun atmosphere, decent food.

Other places recommended to me:
  • elmirasol/
  • sherman's deli
  • the tropicale
  • spencer's
  • wangs in the desert

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