Weather and Environmental Conditions

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Common Sense

Weather conditions can vary widely.  My recommendation is to be prepared to be comfortable in the normal rage of conditions you expect, and safe (but maybe uncomfortable) in the conditions you think are possible.  Understanding, and preparing for environmental conditions is critical to surviving in the back country.

Before You Leave: Anticipating Weather

Weather reports.  Limitations there in.

Back country instrumentation data

Understanding impact of elevation:  The air temp drops 5.8 degrees D per 1000 feet until  it hits the dew point temperature. After that, condensation of water vapor causes the temp to drop at the slower rate of 3.6 degrees.

Understanding Micro Climates







Reading the Signs

What you can learn from Barometric Pressure

Cloud Formations

Estimating Wind Speed

Understanding wind chill

Stay Safe in Lightning: More that 2x the number of men are killed by lightning.  Why?  Because they don't have as much common sense as women and think "Ah... what are the odds that lightning will hit me?"  Well, the number of people killed in the US by lighting is significantly higher  than the number of people who die due to snake bites.

Useful Tools


Portable Weather Instruments

Barometers / Altimeters

Further Resources

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