Nutritional recommendations for backpackers and other endurance exercise enthusiasts.

As a nutritionist and avid long distance hiker, I have spent many nights along the trail answering questions related to nutrition and endurance. Based on my sabbatical research and personal experience, I have compiled answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). I hope this information helps you Pack Light, Eat Right.

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How to Avoid Hitting the Wall: Sugars, Endurance and Training -- Snacks Getting enough Minerals
Minimize Pack Weight and Feed Active Muscles--Keep the Fat in! Recipes for the Trail.
Getting Enough Protein Adjusting to Extreme Conditions--extreme heat, cold, elevation, and rainy days.
Water & Salt. Living off the Land: Edible Plants.
Getting your Vitamins. Saving Fuel, Money & Time: Tips on Dehydrating Food.

All material covered by Copyright  by Brenda L. Braaten, 1998.

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