Owner Review of Cloudveil Veiled Peak Jacket

Item: Cloudveil Veiled Peak Jacket (discontinued)
Listed weight: 14oz
Weight as delivered: 14oz (size M)
Price: $135 (retail), paid at a closeout $40


Mock-T collar lined with a micro fleece, two hand-warmer pockets with mesh on the inside, small inside pocket on the left for stashing small valuables, velcro loop closures for the wrists.  Waist length.  Made from Schoeller Dynamic.

Fit, Design, Quality:

Nicely finished.  Athletic cut, with long sleeves so long reaches don't result in the sleeves pulling up.

Comfort & Performance:

Initially I was surprised how little protection it seemed to provide (didn't seem to cut the chill in 55F weather when wearing it around town... if fact almost seemed like it was air conditioning my back). I was wondering if I made a mistake.  After using it a bit more I have come to appreciate this shell.  Most shells I have previously worn are extremely wind proof and don't really breath very well.  As a result they tend to have a fair bit of insulation value because they trap air around you.  This jacket doesn't do that.  It does block a significant amount of wind, but it breaths very well, so it doesn't feel warm.  I have not found any other jacket which is as comfortable for aerobic activities in cool to moderate temperatures.  When active I can wear this jacket comfortably over a light weight technical tee-shirt from 40-65F.  Through most of this temperature range I feel slightly cool which is optimal for athletic endeavors.


I took a 1.5 hour hike / jog in a light to moderate rain with the temp around 60F. Amazingly I seemed to stay dry -- didn't sweat at all and the rain didn't soak through. I found myself slightly cool.  When I got back I noticed the jacket had gained approx 3oz. Within 1 hour hanging in a 66F house the jacket seemed dry and was back to it's normal weight


Going strong.


This jacket wasn't a good match for me.  A good friend now has it, and she loves in for spring and fall weather in the SF bay area.  I have replaced it with a Cloudveil Prospector Pullover which I use as a cool weather action shirt.