"Perfect" Gear

Part of Recommended Outdoor Gear by Mark Verber

The question was raise on Backpacker.com's gear forum if people owned any perfect gear.  Below is my list of "perfect", and a longer list of near perfect gear. Please keep in mind that "perfect" is in the eye of the beholder. What is "perfect" for me might be perfectly wrong for you. Also know that over time what I might consider "perfect" can change as new experiences are gained or expectations are revisited.  This means that over time items might fall off the list and items that I once didn't like become "perfect" in my eyes. Related articles include bacpacking.net top 5 items, backpackinglight.com staff's picks in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010   and backpacker.com Editors Choice.  If you have found something that is perfect, send me mail.  I might try it out and put it on my list, or add it to the Perfect for Others section at the end of this document. Further discussions about issues related to each of these items can be found in my Recommended Outdoor Gear pages.

Perfect... but mostly not using

The following items have my greatest recommendation, even though I am not using them that much these days.

Runner Up: Packs

Runner Up: Shelters

Runner Up: Sleeping Systems

Runner Up: Clothing

Runner Up: Misc

Perfect for Others

The following are items that others have found perfect. I list them because they are each noteworthy products. Some I haven't used extensively, some I have tried but they didn't quite match my sensibilities, and some I tried but ultimately selected some other option which I felt had good performance at a much more reasonable price: