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One Stop

Textile Outfitters

Quest Outfitters

Seattle Fabrics

The Rain Shed


Make Your Own GVP G4 Pack

Henry Shires' Tarptent

Don Johnston's Photon Stove

Thru-Hiker The Workshop

Backpacking.net Make Your Own Outdoor Gear

Home made stoves archive

Flyfisher's QuarterWeight Hammock

Six Moon Designs



You might want to take a look at Keith Conover summary of Clothing Materials

OWare sells a number of fabrics including SilNylon, EPIC

Para Gear sells Zero Porosity Fabric

Poles: Carbon Fiber @ Fibraplex and Aluminum @ TA Enterprises

Hungarian Goose Down and Feathered Friends sell bulk down

Rockywoods Fabrics

American Home and Habitat

Discussion & Ideas

TrailForums Homemake Gear

ultraliteskunkworks blog

Bill Fornshell Ultralite Sknunkworks has a lot of interesting ideas for ultralight designs