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I did a lot of  cycling in the 70's & 80's... mostly AYH rides (typically class A, B when I was lazy) and a bit of racing (class B). I did numerous century rides including the Columbus Fall Challenge and TOSRV (some years doing TOSRV as two double centuries, back to back). As time went on, I got too busy to ride for fun. My bike because transportation, and then a fixture in our garage. In 2003 my daughter started to enjoy bike rides so I dusted off my 1975 Peugeot PX10 and started to ride again. Restoring a 1970s French bike is harder than I would have expected since many of the parts are no longer made, but I got it running happily again.  In 2008 I picked up a used Trek Pilot 5.2 which wasa bit improvement!  In 2013 it looked like I had damaged the Trek's frame, so I purchased a Cervelo R3 which I adore. Turns out the Carbon frame was ok, and Trek repaired the derailer hanger. Now the Trek is my Trainer / Commuter bike. I have since discovered that Calfee Design which is in Santa Cruz would have been the right place to determine if the frame was ok.

I enjoyed reading Velominati's The Rules


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