Godaddy Sucks!

When I transferred registries to godaddy they replaced my existing NS servers with there own services. They claimed that I select this option, but I didn't.  Also, the transfer wasn't support to happen until I accepted the transfer which I hadn't done at the time of the transfer.  As a result for around 6 hours all my mail got bounded back to the sender, all web traffic ended up on godaddy's crummy parked domain page, and several other services I run broke.

I suggested they refund the transfer fee since they did such a poor job. They refused saying "We can't do that".  Fine by me... they won't get any more business from me, and I will move name service off of them after I engage in better due diligence about the provider.  Clearly I had a serious laps in judgment choosing godaddy.  What was I thinking?

There are at least six ways that godaddy sucked

  1. From the time I provided an authorize code it took then 36 hours to request the transfer from tucows / opensrs. I have now learned I should be thankful, since several people saw the delay of  5+ days.  Next week delivery in a millisecond world.
  2. When the registration was taken over by godaddy they  replaced the NS records with their own. I was not asked if I wanted them to do this. They should not have changed the name servers.
  3. Godaddy  provided no way for me to pre-populate DNS records before requesting DNS to be serviced by their servers.  This GUARANTEES!! some breakage will occur when an existing DNS domain is transfer to them.
  4. Updating DNS using their DNS management tool doesn't immediately push to both NS servers.  One server got an immediate update.  The other wasn't updated for some time.  How long is some time?  Not sure, but I believe it was more than 30 minutes.  Haven't their heard of trigger zone transfers?
  5. The "technical support" personal didn't have a clue.  Rather than escalating to tier 2 and letting me talk to someone who might have had a clue, they would talk to their engineers and then the same clueless person would come back on the line being just as helpful as they were before.
  6. There control panels are a mess.  You would think once you are a customer they would tone down the advertising.  They don't.  Lots of junk you have to wade through to get the management panes.

Bottom line... use someone other than Godaddy for DNS hosting.